So let me start off by saying this...I owe so much to my mother, she was the one who opened my eyes. Growing up my mom enjoyed taking pictures.

Growing up in a communist country, she had few, if any, photographs of her childhood and family. As I grew older, I began to understand why photos were so precious to her. She strived to capture all the moments we had together, the curiosity about nature around us, and the moments of pure joy and laughter.

As time passed I found myself reaching into the cabinet and pulling out old albums. I soon began to appreciate all of those photos she took and felt compelled to experiment on my own. P

Personally, there is no better feeling than capturing a "moment." A tear, a smile, a candid moment, or something completely unexpected. While memories fade, photos can bring them back to life.

Investing in your memories is worth every penny. In my work I strive to capture the subtle nuances, and genuine emotions, in hopes to encapsulate a special time in your life that you can revisit years from now...